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Chromebook Deployment


Frequently Asked Questions

Why get Chromebooks?

The School District of Janesville believes that it’s essential that our students know how to use technology effectively and not just to consume content but also to create it To ensure that all students have access to technology, both inside and outside the classroom, we are putting personal Chromebooks in the hands of every high school student.

  • September 3, 2020
  • All new students will receive a Chromebook, charger, and case on their first full day of attendance.

Students will receive the device, a protective case and charging cord.

Students are not allowed to decorate their Chromebook. They can decorate the case that contains the Chromebook as long as the decorations are school appropriate and not distracting.

Is the school offering an insurance policy for the Chromebooks that parents can purchase?

The device is covered/protected with 5-year warranty with the district. This covers accidental damage and functionality. The warranty does not cover personal devices, only SDJ issued devices.

Why are repair costs listed if there is insurance for breakage/repair?

If the device is damaged on purpose or with malicious intent then the family could be responsible for the repair/replacement. 

The Acceptable Use Policy must be signed by both parent/guardian and student before Chromebooks can be picked up.

The Acceptable Use Policy was given at Registration another one can be picked up in the AP Office during normal operating hours or you can print a copy by clicking on the link below.
Acceptable Use Policy

Students have been assigned a Chromebook to use as their own mobile device - giving them access to electronic textbooks and learning tools at all times. However, HS teachers are in control - teachers decide if students are to use the Chromebooks as a part of your lesson; maybe it’s for a few minutes of the class, maybe it’s for the entire period, or maybe not at all.  Here’s a short video to explain how students should use their devices.